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General product questions, ordering, shipping, returns, etc.

Both our Customer Service and Technical Support Centers are open Mon-Fri from 8:00am to 5:00pm ET (Eastern Time).



We have a one year warranty for all parts and equipment. We also have a five year warranty for compressors for split systems and PTAC's only. 

NOTE: There is only a one year warranty for all other compressors.



All equipment returns must be approved by our technical department. If approved, an RGA (returned goods authorization) will be issued. Contact the technical department at or by phone at 704-504-8590.



Visit our downloads page for a comprehensive list of documents pertaining to all our products.
Here are the types of documents we have available for download:



First, you must obtain the correct spare part number. You can do this by looking up the part you need in the spare parts document for your part or by contacting the technical department at or 704-504-8590.

Contractors: You must order the spare part through your distributor (i.e. United Refrigeration, C. C. Dickson, Aireco).

*NOTE: There is an extra shipping fee for rush shipments.



Spare parts that are not in stock must be ordered from overseas. This process can take up to ten (10) weeks.
Spare parts can be rushed and sent by air but this is more expensive and will take up to twelve (12) days.



Please contact or 215-750-9876 for any sales inquiries.



Please contact or 215-750-9876 for any sales inquiries.



If you received a shipment from us that was damaged, refuse shipment from the carrier and then call customer service at 215-750-9876 to get the issue resolved.



Please visit our store locator to find a verified distributor.



Making a website is somewhat complicated and it is difficult to make it work for all browsers and devices. If you are having any issues difficulties or issues with the site, please contact the administrator at



Spare parts identification, troubleshooting, & other technical questions

No, communication between the indoor and outdoor unit is done with the "S" or signal line along with one of the power lines (Line 2). Connecting any device on any of those lines will create noise in the communication signal causing a communication error. On indoor units that run on DC voltage, the pump will not have the proper voltage to operate.

All condensate pump power should be obtained from the input power connection of the outdoor unit or from a seperate power source.



All newer units require four (4) insulated conductors. Conductor size should be either 14 or 16 AWG.



The suction port pressure for r410A for a unit in cool mode should be between 115-130psi.
The suction port pressure for r410A for a unit in heat mode should be between 410-450psi.



When any button is pressed on the remote, you should hear a beep from the indoor unit. If there is no response, the batteries in the remote should be checked before calling technical support.

Click here for a troubleshooting guide.



Several things can cause a communication error.

1. Interconnect cable is damaged, spliced, or miswired.
2. Indoor board is faulty.
3. Outdoor board is faulty.
4. Condensate pump is connected to indoor power supply.

Click here for a troubleshooting guide.



For inverter type: Measure for resistance between any and all of the three (3) terminals located at the compressor. The resistance between any two of the three terminals should all be equal to each other. This value is generally about 0.8Ω. Unequal resistance readings indicate an issue with the compressor windings.

For non-inverter type: Measure the resistance between C (common) to R (run) and the reading should be about 2Ω to 6Ω. Then measure the resistance between C (common) to S (start) and the reading should be about 1Ω to 4Ω. The sum of the two readings should be equal to the resistance from R (run) to S (start). 
(Generally, the larger the compressor, the smaller the resistance)

NOTE: When checking compressor windings, it is also advised to check for a "grounded' compressor.



The resistance must be checked. Different sensors have different resistance values. Refer to the service manual for your unit to determine the correct value of each sensor. Usually, an error code will be displayed if the sensor is either open (infinite resistance) or shorted (no resistance).



No, Sea Breeze™ and Thermal Zone™ wall mounted, ducted, and cassette units do not accept a standard thermostat.



Go to the service manual section on our downloads page to find all the service manuals.



The reason that this is possible is because these units are driven by a variable speed compressor. This allows the units to control how much cooling (or heating) is delivered based on demand. If you have a 9K BTU unit that only needs to provide 7K BTU to maintain the room temperature, the outdoor unit will only provide 7K BTU to that unit with the other 2K BTU held in reserve. This control is done entirely by the system and is unnoticeable to the end user.

Caution should be used when sizing multi-zone units in this manner. If it is necessary for ALL indoor units to be on and operating at 100% capacity for most (if not all) of the time, it is not advised to oversize the indoor unit capacity.