International Refrigeration Products (IRP) has one of the most diverse product lineups in the industry. With hundreds of products ranging from access fittings to motors to laser thermometers, you can easily find anything you need in our product catalogs.


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Access Fitting

access fitting

Access fittings can be installed on a number of different units to provide access to the closed refrigerant system in the unit. They provide easy access for contractor and technicians to add or remove refrigerant or to easily get pressure readings. 

Our access fittings come in many different styles such extension tube, solder tee, and threaded fitting. Visit our catalog to view our selection.



Copper Spun Drier

copper spun driers

Copper spun driers are used in small A/C and refrigeration systems. They are used to remove moisture from the lines that may cause potential problems or damage to the units.

We can various types of copper spun driers such as single directional, bi-directional, and even those with access ports.



Soft Clamp

soft clamp

Soft clamps are used for mounting rigid piping. They come with rubber cushioning that help absorb vibrations which can reduce noise and prevent potential damage.

Our soft clamps come in various sizes which can accomdate pipe sizes from 1/4" to 4 1/8" diameter.





P-traps are uesd mainly in commercial refrigeration systems to trap oil. They are made of copper and shaped like a "P" hence the name P-trap.

We carry P-traps of various sizes ranging from 5/8" to 2 1/8" diameter.




Soft Copper Tubing

soft copper tubing

Soft copper tubing is used to run refrigerant lines between air conditioning and refrigeration units. It is bendable making it very versatile.

Our soft copper tubing comes in many sizes from 1/4" to 7/8" diameter ranging from 10' to 50' in length.



Vibration Absorber

vibration absorber

Vibration absorbers are designed to be installed in the suction and discharge lines of refrigerant systems. They are used to absorb vibration generated by the compressor.

Our vibration absorbers are tested to withstand hundreds of pounds of pressure during normal operation. They come in many different sizes from 1/4" to 4 1/8" diameter.



Anti Vibration Pad

anti vibration pad

Anti-vibration pads are designed to be placed under the feet of any mechanical equipment that may generate a significant amount of vibration including heavy machinery and household appliances.

Our anti-vibration pads come in various sizes and are available in rubber only, rubber/cork, and rubber/EVA compositions.



Web Strap

web strap

Web straps are used to secure loads in delivery vehicles to prevent damage and injury to the product(s) and person(s) involved. They are strong, durable, and UV and weather resistant making them great even for outdoor use.

Our web straps come in various sizes from 31" to 192" with a working load of up to 1,500 lbs.



Tie Down Strap

tie down strap

Tie down straps are stretchable rubber straps that has hundreds of uses. The ends are reinforced with hooks making them easy to secure and remove.

Our tie down straps come in various lengths from 9' to 41'.





We carry brushes for many different types of applications. Whether its a fitting brush to clean tubes, a wire brush to clean metals, or even a chip brush to apply adhesives, we have got the brush you need.



Fin Comb

fin comb

Fin combs are used to straighten and even out the spacing between heat fins. They automatically adjust to all fin spacings and even have a tension adjustment band for easy use.



Teflon Tape

teflon tape

Teflon tape is very useful for tube connections. It helps seal the connections so fluids do not leak out and also allows the threaded pieces to be tightened together more.



Run Capacitor

run capacitor

Run capacitors are needed to allow motors to run properly. They are designed to be operating continuously and are work different from start capacitors.

We carry 60+ capacitors just for single capacitance capacitors ranging from 3μF to 80μF.



Dual Run Capacitor

dual run capacitor cd355x440 & cd605x440r

Dual run capacitors are similar to run capacitors in that they are necessary for proper operation. The benefit of dual run capacitors is that the two capacitors (for the motor and compressor) are combined into one case taking less physical space.

We carry about 80 dual run capacitors with capacitance ranging from 3μF to 80μF.



Start Capacitor

start capacitor

Start capacitors are used to start motors and compressors. They have different capacitance and voltage ratings than run capacitors. They can be easily identified as they generally have a black case.

We carry about 70 different start capacitors with capacitance ranging from 21μF to 1,200μF.



Hard Start Capacitor

hard start capacitors

Hard start capacitors are similar to start capacitors as they are both used to start compressors. However, hard start capacitors are more useful and can provide the extra energy needed when dealing with "hard to start" compressors.

We carry multiple hard start capacitors for various applications.



Pressure Switch

pressure control switch 300-0001

Pressure switches are electrical switches that open and close based on the pressure. They are generally used to monitor pressure levels to turn fans and compressors on and off.

We have high and low pressure switches that cover a range of 5-610 psi.





Contactors are larger sized relays. They are very useful in switching on and off many various electrical components.

Our contactors come in many different sizes from single to four poles and available with 24V, 115V, and 208/230V coils.



Auxiliary Switch

auxiliary switch

Auxiliary switches are switches that can be attached to contactors. They add extra terminals that can be triggered at the same time as the contactor.

We carry normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC) auxiliary switches for various sizes of our three pole contactors.




transformer ttm4031

Transformers are used for converting AC voltage from one voltage to another. The number of applications for transformers are very broad but ours is specifically designed for use in the HVAC industry.

We carry multiple types of transformers including foot mount, multi mount, and isolated power transformers.





Sequencers are used to turn on different electrical components at different times. This can prevent large current draws while also turning on specific electrical components in a certain order.

We have many different sequencers with one to five switches and various timings for them.



Defrost Timer

Defrost Timer

A defrost timer is used to initiate the defrost cycle of refrigerators and freezers. They are adjustable from one to six cycles per day with a minimum of four hours between each cycle.

Our defrost timers are available as 2-NC/1-NO or SPDT for 120V and 208/240V.



Time Delay


Time delays are used to protect the system from the power draw of compressors. They prevent power surges by staggering the start of multiple units in addition to preventing rapid short cycling.

Our time delays are available as "delay on make" and "delay on break" timers.



Adjustable Thermostat

adjustable thermostat

The adjustable thermostat acts like a snap action switch which has multiple applications such as functioning as a defrost thermostat, heater control, or turning other devices on and off.

All or adjustable thermostats have an adjustable range of 40°F with a differential of 20-40°F.



Defrost Thermostat

defrost thermostat sl5709

Defrost thermostats are the temperature sensing devices that determine whether a refrigerator or freezer should go into defrost mode.

Our defrost thermostats are designed to be used with commercial refrigeration products.



Blower Motor

blower motor 1bm136x

Blower motors are used to push air through air handlers. They are similar to condenser fan motors except blower motors have open frames instead.

Our blower motors have the standard frame size and come in multiple power outputs from 1/3 to 3/4 horsepower.



Condenser Fan Motor

condenser fan motor 2cf146x

Condenser fan motors are the motors that drive the fan for the condenser unit of central air systems.

Our condenser fan motors have the standard frame size and come in multiple power outputs from 1/4 to 1/2 horsepower.



Evaporator Motor

evaporator motor 1em1152x

Evaporator fan motors are used for larger refrigeration units such as walk-in coolers.

We carry evaporator fan motors for both 115V and 208/230V units.



Evaporator Fan Motor Kit

evaporator fan motor kit

The evaporator fan motor kit is used for smaller evaporator units and can replace many orignal equipment manufacturer (OEM) motors. They are reversible, multi-mountable, and may even be dual voltage.

Our evaporator fan motor kits comes in different fractional horsepower sizes from 1/100HP to 1/45HP and some models even include fan blades.



Motor Bracket

motor bracket bm55

Motor brackets are used to hold motors in position during operation. The have a welded construction for better strength and durability.

We carry motor brackets for blower motors only.



Fan Blade

fan blade

Fan blades are used in conjuction with various motors to blow air in a specific sizes. There are various types of fan blades with many different applications.

We carry fan blades of many sizes. Here is the range of the fan blades we carry below.

Blades:   3 or 4
Direction:   CW or CCW
Diameter:   12" to 26"
Pitch:   23° to 33°



Rain Shield

rain shield

Rain shields are used to protect motors form the rain. They are made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) making it very strong and durable.

Our rain shields come with hole plugs and are available for both 1/2" and 5/8" shaft diameters.



Digital Caliper

digital caliper

Digital calipers are now used in every industry that involves mechanical components. They provide precise measurement readings with an accuracy up to one thousandths of an inch.

We carry the most common type of digital caliper, the 6" stainless steel caliper with replaceable batteries.



Digital and Laser Thermometer

digital thermometer irt201

Digital and laser thermometers are used to provide accurate temperature readings. They have a digital display that makes reading the results simple and easy.

We carry various digital thermometers including infrared (IR) thermometers that allow for point and shoot readings.





Thermometers have a very wide range of applications. They are used for general refrigeration temperature measurements, primary temperature indication, and can also measure the range of safe temperatures for food handling.

We have many different types of thermometers with a maximum range of -58°F to 158°F and some are even NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) certified.



Pressure Gauge

pressure gauge

Pressure gauges are used to monitor pressures for gases, liquids, or combinations of both to protect refrigeration or water systems from damage.

Our pressure gauges are general purpose gauges that range from 2" to 4 1/2" diameter that can read pressures from 0psi to a maximum of 300psi.





Generators are great for emergencies. If a blackout occurs or electricy is needed in the middle of nowhere, a gasoline generator can be a lifesaver providing all the power you need.

We carry a 6.5kW generator.





Plastiduct is plastic external coverings that can cover the tubes, pipes, and wires involve with split system installations. It can protect the innards from damage and also bundles them together for a more aesthetic look. They come with many different components making them versatile and easy to use.

We are the exclusive distributor for Plastiduct.