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The Need

In the last two decades, globalization radically changed the infrastructure of society. Money circulates the world like ocean currents, thoughts and ideas spread like wildfire, and information is available at the blink of an eye. As world trade and commerce developed, many new companies were born bringing a larger number of new and existing products at prices lower than ever before. However, these low prices seem to come with the uncertainty of quality. This new compromise gave new meaning to the word value.











For Quality

International Refrigeration Products (IRP) was started in 2005 to ensure that all our customers receive the greatest value for their money. With sourcing experts from around the world, IRP scours through different countries and regions in order to find the best products. Every product is ensured to be of the highest quality with intense inspection processes and excruciating life tests by its dedicated engineering department.
















IRP distributors


For Results

IRP has thousands of HVACR technicians around the world using its products everyday. Whether it's equipment or parts they need, these technicians keep coming back to IRP with their business because of the great quality and service that comes hand-in-hand with the brand. The growing popularity has lead to a distribution network of over 500 stores and distributors throughout the US, Canada, and Virgin Islands.